Thursday, December 06, 2012

Larry, I'm real sorry I havn't been to your blog in a while, but these pictures on Face Book and the fact that I'm on vacation for the winter, has loosened up my fingers some. Good On Ya. Later Skater.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lazy weekend

So Kendall is a year older, 8 years now. We celebrated the event in Williamsburg at a pottery place where you get to paint the glaze before the pieces are fired. I rode my motorcycle separate from the others as it was a great excuse to ride up Colonial Parkway and the weather was perfect.

After painting, we headed over to friendly's for lunch. Kendall had a friend sleepover the previous night so the girl's were pretty wound up.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tenth Annual GCHR picnic

While it is not quite yet official, the official logbook of attendance had 525 signatures. This makes it Virginia's first Geocaching Mega event. The event, As usual was held in Newport News park which is one of the area's largest city parks. Surrounding the Newport News city reservoir, this park boasts miles of walking and riding trails. Hundreds of campsites, boating, several playground and picnic area's. It also has a very nice discovery center with information on the local wildlife and area. Time the west end is the Deer park golf course and to the south is the frisbee golf course. It also has a full equestrian area with trails open.

The event kicked off with the usual fanfare but was well organized with lots of volunteers working parking, registration, X games, logbook and event store.  I volunteered to do facepainting and was kept busy until about lunch time. The group had designed a huge log that was a mock up of a ammo can only on a bigger scale. There were door prizes, silent auctions, games, egg hunts

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hampton Air&Space Museum

With Hurricanes hitting the Florida coast we are getting several cells dumping gallons of water on us in advance of the storm. It has rained steadily for two days and yesterday the rain was coming down so hard that flooding was happening in most low lieing areas.

So instead of going out invite parks, walking trails, we went to Hampton to see the Air and Space museum. We tried tried to watch an IMAX 3D movie. However the weather knocked out power long enough to Stop  the film. After we toured the museum and tried talk the hands on scientifically based experiments.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

International Geocaching day.

Today after getting my eye exam, I decided to do a little caching in the Newport News Denbiegh area. After finding a couple I realized it was a special caching day and decided to break my own personal record for finds in a single day. Thanks primarily to Chip and Lori I was able to locate 16 new caches and 1DNF. the last one located was a courthouse of significant historical value which was where these photo's were taken. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

500 Geocache finds

I decided I would try to topple my under 500 finds today and decided to revisit Jamestown to attempt a missed CJS Series cache(GC2F40H) I could not previously find.

The day was cool and so I was not slapped in the face with the usual summer humidity that makes it difficult to keep looking for caches. I drove my Ford Geomobile to the Jamestown area and found the described deck then solved the puzzle to locate stage 2. Using an application called .... I punched in the new coordinates for stage two and started looking. After thirty minutes looking with nothing, I gave up and logged a DNF. Then did an area search.
In the area were several unfound caches and a couple Geochallenges. I parked near (GC3KK2B) which is also close to (GC25VBH) and walked to both with no real issues managed to locate both. I then hopped back into the car to drive a mike up the road to look for the Ferry free for all cache which was another easy find and finally up the bike trail a mile to finish with (GC164PB) for a grand total of 502 cache finds! I drove to Jamestown Settlement next to locate and photograph the two Geochallenges located inside. These are a few of the photo's taken inside the Settlement area.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Caching run

So despite my sore knee, I was going a little stir crazy just sitting around the house do Saturday I decided I would go on a cache run into a new area. After a brief search, I found a unvisited park called Chippokes Plantation State park in Surry, VA. This park has several discovery centers, historic sites, a museum, and most importantly a Captain John Smith series cache.

The series highlites historically important sites significant to, you guessed it, Captain John Smith. I have found approximately 12 in the series and once you have located and documented the finds of at least 17 of the 40 caches you can earn a traceable Geocoin.

After an hour and thirty minutes as I was driving through Smithfield, VA, it started to rain. Not to be discouraged I checked radar and could see it was only an isolated storm. So I stopped for lunch and pushed on to the park where the sun was out and it was dry.

First stop was at the visitors center where I spotted the pictured Bobcat. I grabbed my part stamp for my logbook, and a trail guide. (I learned to never cache an unfamiliar park without a trailguide) the CJS cache was located between a picnic area and the community pool. Ignoring both I started walking and quickly located the cache behind an ancient tree on an old unused trail! After a quick note of the code words and a photo op (both required steps for the CJS series) I signed the logbook and dropped one of my pathtags and a trackable bug.and then searched the area time locate two more park caches not to miss. GC1ORYX, & GC3D53D. the later is a Virginia State Parks blooming adventure series and all are in ancient gardens. All in all, I half a great day of caching in Surry county and finished the day picking up a geochallenge before driving back across the rivers!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Today's hard work

Spent all day trying to get the lattice work done. Really liking the way it is coming together.
This photo is from the pool side of steps. To tired to write much tonight. So enjoy the photo.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Up and running

Okay so were going to be a ability to blog I'm in writing from I'm talking to my galaxy s 3. Okay so were looking good so far um I just recently got rid of my droid x I'm having a lot of issues trying to upload photos from the droid what not and wanted to try something new.
It's actually working pretty well I'm able to talk pretty quickly without too many mistakes I work on 1 or 2 sentences then go back and correct any errors it hears.
3 comes with a gigabyte of ram and I'm telling you what it is an amazing transformation from the droid X.
The most obvious transformation with twice the ram would be that you know you can run a lot more applications at once.
But there are also a lot of a really interesting changes between the 2 phones you know like you can  mute by covering the phones face. It automatically recognizes your face and unlocks it

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cameron and kendall pose in VIKINGS gear

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Cameron and Kendall jan2011

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back again

I'm not sure where to begin, so much has changed and yet stayed the same. I recently realized that i'm missing out on so much. My body is beginning to show serious wear and tear from smoking, drinking to much coffee, not getting enough excerise etc. Couple days ago I spoke with LeAnne and she hadn't changed one bit. I have for the most part allowed her to raise Lindsey how she wanted and have not been aggressive about getting involved but I'm tired of telling me to stay away from my daughter. She flat out lied that Lindsey jhad only 3tickets to graduation and I didn't deserve one of those seats. But that she would tell Lindsey I wanted to go and it was up to her... lie.... I feel like i'm going to have to camp out at her house so I can speak to her face to face. If Lindsey gets her way she will attend college in fredericksburg, which will be pretty close to me. I am determined to get back in her life, weather her mother likes it or not.

Ok i'm sorry that sounded like a 13 ranting because he didn't get his way. Dad got me started Geocaching about 6 months ago and I must confess I'm hooked. Currently I have found 150+ caches. Its great excercise and I love the places caching has taken me. Parks I didn't know about, cool historical places, seams strange though that I passed up dads 99 caches LOL! I have been too a few cache events as well, (allthough I didn't properly log the first couple. ) those are fun too, meeting other cachers and going out in groups to seek out unfound caches. Currently I am on day 13 with daily finds trying to keep up this minimum cache a day vigil.

Friday, May 09, 2008

neglected due to myspace

Cameron getting ready to cheer!!

figured i should add a couple photos. I been spending to much time on myspace rather than posting here.

This is Larry getting "In the spirit"

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lindsey Pictures

I got and E-Mail from Leanne a few days ago. She sent a couple pics of your daughter. Get on yer Phone and give us a call, or, I presume you have e-mail again. send us a note. I have been TheGrabber forever. It does not cost anything to maintain one of these e-mails.

Lindsey on her 15th birthday. 03/03/2008

Lindsey and her cat.

I might as well put this on here, too. Even though it was this page where I found it. At least then if Lindsey looks at the BLOG, it will be right on top.

Larry, Allison, Cameron and Kendall at Pa-Pa's Wedding.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Moving Max Cheer

Started Makeing a new sign for the new building

The girls are painting the shelves

The Sign is almost Done !!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cozumel Vacation Cruise

ok so this is a shot from the Cozumel coast
(the Northwest tip) This is near a small bar and resteraunt that we stopped at.

And here I am relaxing on the deck of the Inspiration with the daily Drink
(some fruity concoction) The family flew in to Tampa, Florida and then we stayed the day at Allisons brothers and just relaxed a little bit. The next morning we boarded the Ship. Cameron, and Kendall stayed in Tampa with there cousins and Aunt Angela, and Uncle Kevin.

We spent our time at sea doing everything possible from putt putt tournaments to slots tournaments. I was able to see my very first SHOWTIME style show a very wonderful dance with a Latin beat and a bit rock and roll. There was also so many other things to do like swimming pools, hot tubs, dancing, comedy clubs and various other shows like the dateing game etc.

Once we got to Cozumel we had actually gotten very dehydrated and spent a couple hours of that day sleeping and drinking water to recover. we did manage to do a little shopping in the flea market style shops along the side streets.

and one last photo,

JW and Nancy at the Coconuts Bar in Cozumel

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cheer Compitition

Before the competition the girls are excited and mostly dressed for action :)

We Win First place in our Division !! Yah Max Cheer !!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wolf Lodge

This weekend we all stayed at the great wolf lodge in Williamsburg, Va. It is a very interesting place, basically an indoor Waterpark with lots of slides and rides, pools and ponds.

Kendall swimming in the pool

Cameron and Kendall dancing in hula skirts.
We stayed for the last summer weekend before school starts up next week. This is our Labor day weekend getaway. Daddy got here Friday after work and Mommy and the girls got here Friday afternoon about 2pm we stayed for the whole weekend. Surfing, swimming, watching animated shows, and competing in the hula skirt fashion show.

papas wedding

Larry, Allison, Cameron, and Kendall

May 12th,2007
Kendall, Cameron, and cousins Maggie, and Abby

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today we Bowled for fun!!

Kendall retrieves her ball

Camerons ball is Off !!

So today we went bowling in Grafton, Va for fun and Mommy whooped Daddy's butt.
After, we went out to dinner at UNO's resteraunt for the BIG COOKIE dessert

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dad I didnt know

This is prolly going to get much criticism, but hey, I have always sorta been one to step outside the box. I don't get to see or talk to you much Lindsey so here goes.

First off sorry,

I can daily justify all my actions and have gotten pretty good at it. Well her mom doesn't always let you get your email. Or I am to busy to to get involved actively, but when the dust clears and the hammer meets the nail, well they are just excuses. I am a very busy person however, seems that I never have the time to get the stuff I want and need to do done. I get up at 4am to go to work, then work from 6am to 6pm not getting home till 7:30 - 8:00pm. But I still have my weekends off right? Usually Me and Allison do our talking at night on the porch smoking. Or rather that is when we talk the most. Saturday and Sunday's I end up getting up usually around 5am and mess around online till everyone else wakes up. So the mornings have usually always been my "quiet time" My dad was much the same so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;) Anyhow the weekends we have always tried to do at least one thing "for the girls" like go to watercountry or a cookout at Allison's dad's house or whatever. then there is the routine of cleaning the house usually sunday morning that takes about 3 hours to finish. There is always the chores like cutting grass and trash to the dump. Our routine is pretty norm i suppose, most people set themselves up a routine of daily and weekly activity's to get done and the expectation is that the routines we do grounds us. Problem is that the grounding tends to be our heads shoved in the ground. What i mean is we forget to look around at the world and our selves for what might be right around the corner, lurking in the shadows or just standing there waiting to be acknowledged. So we a. don't see danger coming and have to react to it without warning (sorta like the way the world is ignoring the simple fact that we are destroying our planet 1 degree at a time with our CO2 emissions or ignoring that I have a daughter I rarely speak to or see) It isn't that I or we don't care, we just don't want to accept it, as acknowledging it means we have to react and compensate somehow. It upsets our grounding to have to make adjustments in our daily routines to fix the problems in our lives. Lindsey will probably be just fine, lol what a crack up no more likely she will grow up distrusting authority and Men in general. She will resent me for not making more of an effort to communicate with her and end up bitter for it. But for what's it worth, I don't suppose any of us can help the destructive paths we set for ourselves. Call it nature or more biblical it started when we sinned. We are not perfect, our lives were meant to be a struggle and I do try to make the best decisions. I cant help that I fail miserably at times, or that the decision to please one person hurts someone else. so don't to be to hard on me, I am just trying to get by the best I can. And I do love you Lindsey, from the bottom of my heart. Even if I am not there.


Cameron is "graduating" to kindergarden

Both Cameron and Kendall go to a Christian based daycare called Little lights. during the school year it is a school curreculum teaching them basic preschool, bible lesson's etc.

They have a ceremony every spring for the kids that will be graduating to big kids school

Gloucester County Fairgrounds

We got the girls registered with the Gloucester County Child recovery team.
They get fingerprints, DNA, photo's, and detailed info on the child to assist them should they
have to find a missing child, or direct child to his or her home.

It is a sorry state that this is important to do these days, but well predators are everywhere.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Snowstorm

This easter brought four inches of snow that was soon melted away as the sun rose and warmed us back up. The snow arrived friday night and during the morning of saterday (day before easter) we spent the afternoon four wheeling in the snow, makeing a snow dude, and snowangels.
Polo the dog was trying to find something to chew on ;)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

3 bed 2.5 bath Cape Cod 329,900.00

Priced To Sell listing price dropped to 329,900.00 as sellers are motivated to sell.
3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath on 2.36 acres close to Downtown Gloucester and local shopping with the perfect quiet rural setting. Just off 17 for quick comutes in the Ark area.
You must see this beutifull home to truely appreciate the spacious floorplan and generous storage space. Plenty of room for the little ones to play both inside and out.

<click for listing>

Home features
Hardwood flooring, Ceramic tileing, covered porch with ceiling fans, Custom kitchen cabinets and island, 12 X 12 Deck, His and Hers sink in master bath, upstairs office and bonus room w/knee wall storage, and lots of outside lighting.

Friday, February 09, 2007

More christmas time photo's

The girls are checking out there stockings
kendall got a spongbob topper and Cameron
has a patrick (from spongebob) topper.

Larry got a little something for christmas as well
It is not a brand new motorcycle, but it might as well be. This Honda Shadow growls like a
Harley Davidson, and has a great deal of chrome
I can't wait for the warmer days to show up.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

December pictures

The girls christmas eve at Pa Pa Thomas, and Susan's home.
They are naturally all dressed up for Christmas dinner.

Cameron happily open Princess Dress up. This is the one item they play with almost everyday.

Also pictured is Allison on left and Susan's mother to camerons right.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

SC trip

These were both taken while we were in Sc for thanksgiveing...Yeah it has been that long without posting more really nice one...
I really like the details on a couple of these we have in so many of the old school actors and of course marilynn ;)

Need i really explain who this is? LOL ok so it is from the wax meuseum again :)
As is Angelina Jolie and Larry